Life is Better When You Skip the Easy Route

Staying in the port town of Capri was fabulous. We had an easy walk to our room when we got off the ferry after a long day of travel, we were super close to the beach anytime we wanted to take a dip in the sea, and it was the perfect place to hop on a boat and tour around the island! 

Although we loved staying in the Marina Grande, most of the exciting things were happening up in Capri – the best restaurants, shopping, people-watching and steep trails leading to the water. There are a few different ways you can get up to Capri Town – you can take a taxi, which can cost you around 20 Euro, you can take the funicular, which takes about 15 minutes (if there aren’t any lines) and costs under 2 Euro, or you can WALK!

*To buy tickets to the funicular you need to get in line at the end of the arrival pier near the high speed ferry ticket offices. You’ll want to purchase your round-trip tickets here if that’s your plan!

If you’re up for it, here are my top 3 reasons you should make the trip from Marina Grande to Capri Town on foot:

1- Exercise: We all know eating in Italy can be seriously life-altering. You can eat some of the best meals you’ve ever tasted and it may even open your eyes (and your tastebuds) to a whole new world.  You can also taste some of the best gelato…and you can sip on some of the best wine…and… you get the point. I say, enjoy it! Eat it up, drink it up, and soak it up while you’re visiting this marvelous place. But to avoid having to buy all new pants when you get home, take the stairs when you can! It will also give you some time on the way back to walk off dinner and that bottle of wine you just drank…

2 – The Views:  Not only are the views of the Mediterranean, the lemon groves, and the hills absolutely breathtaking (more breathtaking than the actual walk, I promise), they help take your mind off the climb. It’s the perfect time to stop, take a little rest and shoot some Instagram photos. Because lets be real, you know that’s what you’re thinking.

3 – Seeing how the locals live: My favorite part about our walk up and down from the port was seeing little Italian ladies in their gardens, young friends gathering before dinner and Italian cats perched on doorsteps. I felt like we were seeing what life was actually like in Capri, not just the tourist-scene in the port or up in the city center. There were grape vines and lemon trees, beautifully painted doors and cobblestone paths. My favorite time to walk was right before sunset when the sky had a beautiful pink haze.

Whether you walk, take the funicular or a taxi…enjoy the sights, the smells, and definitely the food, wherever you’re heading. My opinion? Life is better when you skip the easy route.


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