A Little Slice of Heaven on The Isle of Capri

Coming from Oahu, we already knew we’d love Capri… we kind of have a thing for islands. Capri was another one of those beautiful places I’d dreamed about visiting and was absolutely delighted when we arrived. We took a train from Rome to Naples, then a bus from Naples to Sorrento and a ferry from Sorrento to Capri. By the time we stepped off the ferry we were tired, but so excited to see what this new island had to offer. We could see our hotel from the port and headed up the steps on our way, happy we didn’t have a major climb to get there.


We checked into Hotel Belvedere and Tre Re and were excited to see our patio (what we call a Lanai in Hawaii) was gorgeous. It was facing the water and overlooking the little port town and we couldn’t have been happier. We did our thing that we always do – I unpacked a bit, showered and started journaling on the lanai with some aqua minerale while my husband went for a walk down to the town to grab a snack. He ended up in a little mom & pop shop that served panini and the young guy behind the counter helped him pick a sandwich that I could eat (without cheese and with lots of veggies) and he brought it back with some wine, delicious olives and fresh green and purple figs.  We snacked while we enjoyed our beautiful view.


After our lunch we were already hooked. We’d originally booked two nights in this hotel and were planning to head to Positano from there. We immediately decided we needed at least one more night in this amazing place and used the app hotels tonight to book another night in this hotel, at a cheaper, last-minute rate AND we got a bigger, nicer room with a better patio and view! *If you’re flexible with where you’re going and how long you want to stay, this app is super helpful for last minute, nice hotels at a much lower rate!


After our last-minute hotel booking, we headed out for a walk down to the beach directly across the street. We jumped right in and enjoyed the warm water and the beautiful colors. The beach was packed, but once we swam out, away from the crowds, we felt like it was just the two of us out there. We swam and relaxed on the beach for a few hours before heading up to grab some gelato (sorbetto for me because it’s made without dairy and still so refreshing and delicious after a day in the sun) and to check out the shops before heading up to our room. *The watermelon sorbetto is better than any fruit/sorbetto I’ve had in Italy. It even had chocolate chips in it to look like watermelon seeds.



The next mooring, we had a fabulous breakfast at our hotel – the meal was included with our room rate (as most hotel breakfasts are in Italy) and this was one of our favorite things about Hotel Belvedere. By now…you can tell we like to indulge a bit on vacation…We don’t eat like this all the time, but when in Rome Capri, right? The breakfast here was served by the nicest man who brought us anything we wanted. Again, we’re early risers so we were usually the first to arrive. He made us any coffee we wanted (my husband usually ordered cappuccino while I ordered either an espresso or an americano) and it was always perfect. Then they brought us a basket with warm croissants, (one regular and one chocolate. They were so decadent and amazing that we often talk about them now..seriously, sometimes I dream about them) with some rolls and various meats and cheeses.img_0047


They had freshly picked peaches and nectarines every morning that were some of the best pieces of fruit I’ve ever tasted, fresh juice along with cereals and other basic breakfast foods to choose from. *As we walked around Capri we noticed peach trees everywhere, overflowing with ripe fruit. If you come in August, make sure to try some of the sweetest fruit you’ll ever eat!

We ate our breakfast, drank our coffee and marveled over the view while planning out the rest of our day.

Unknown-4If you are lucky enough to come to this wonderful little island, think about staying at this hotel, or even at a hotel nearby. We loved being so close to the port and not having to trek up to a hotel in the hills every time we left the beach. The daytime crowd usually leaves after sundown when the last ferry heads back to the mainland and the port area becomes much quieter and enjoyable in the evenings!

Check back for photos from our boat trip around the island!

Unknown-3– Arrivederci!

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